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Creaming is a process to control the crystallization of liquid honey, resulting in a soft, very spreadable product. There are some exceptions, but typically, liquid honey crystallizes, into large crystals which bind solidly together. Quality creamed honey contains only fine crystals giving the honey a smooth spreadable consistency.
Our liquid honey is delicious however it will eventually crystallize. The honey is packaged in glass jars to make it easier and safer to reheat.

We will take orders for liquid honey in 3.2 Kg. and 7.0kg plastic containers. We do also sell a few honey bears which unfortunately are plastic and are difficult to reheat.

Freezing fresh liquid honey will arrest crystallization.
We also process a limited quantity of very healthy creamed raw honey. One of the criterion is that this honey be processed at very low temperatures. It is a lengthy process as straining is time consuming but the resulting honey is still attractive and of course delicious. It is available in glass jars of 1 Kg. 700 grams and 250 grams.
Some customers insist on using only comb honey as it is the most natural honey available. Advantages of comb honey include that is has not been exposed to air from the extraction process and there is little risk of adulteration. We have been selling mostly cut comb sections, but we have also been experimenting with very attractive container sections.
Liquid dandelion honey is the first harvest of the season. The stronger colonies will forage on the limitless dandelion crops from pasture land in the Airdrie area. The honey characteristics include a somewhat flowery taste and fragrance, while the appearance is a slightly yellow tinge.
Flavoured honey is a blend of our creamed and healthy, natural freeze fried fruit powders. Enjoy as a spread, in hot cereal or as a sweetener in hot drinks.

Flavours include Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Vanilla, Ginger, Lemon and Cinnamon.
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