About Us

Buzzy Bee Honey is a Calgary Apiary producing a very limited amount of high quality natural honey and honey products. We began beekeeping about 2001, when we timidly placed a donated swarm of bees in our back yard in North West Calgary. Upon realizing how delicious natural honey tasted compared to honey purchased at the supermarket, or even from health food stores, we proudly supplied our family, friends and neighbors with our surplus honey. We soon realized that the inconvenience of having a few bees around was quite tolerable in view of their rewarding "golden nectar". Over time we were able to take advantage of the indulgence of farmers who have kindly invited us to place hives on their land in the Bearspaw and Airdrie areas.


Eventually, we were invited to sell honey at some local Calgary farmers markets where we proudly continue to provide a variety of honey and bee products to our city.


Come and get yours at select local Calgary farmers markets.

Our Team

For 19 yrs, Bert has been become a master of the bees. Working 18 hour days nearly year round, there is nothing Bert does not know about bees. Bert's passion for bees is relentless. He grew up on a farm in Saint Paul, Alberta and started keeping bees in his retirement. Little did he know how successful he would become from a simple hive in his backyard. The only thing that tears Bert away from his bees are his grandchildren!
Carole was born and raised in Calgary and has been the brains behind the business. Year round, you'll find Carole at all the farmers markets, doing private sales, pouring and packaging, and handling all things with administration. She's the bees knees in Calgary honey sales.
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